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We were carrying our routine quality testing on this product as we know that B12 is incredibly sensitive to light and oxygen. We discovered through this testing that in some cases the B12 was evaporating over time. We wanted to ensure this product provided the best results so we chose to reformulate. Unfortunately, we were unable to maintain the same flavour and consistency while ensuring the B12 would remain stable. Check out the new formulation Vitamin B12 Oral Drops.

We improved this product by adding organic flaxseed glycerin to make it more stable. It now lasts for 6 months after opening. It’s also now in a 45 mL bottle so if you are following the recommended daily dose at 250 mcg a day, this product will provide 85 days of Iodine supplementation. Check out Iodine Oral Drops.

We no longer make the Clearwayz product but we've got a great alternative. If you need support for clearing sinuses and healthy breathing, check out Nasal Clear Manuka.

It contains New Zealand Mānuka Honey a superpower ingredient with many unique properties.

We no longer make the ProFlam product but we've got a great alternative. If you need support for soothing your throat or clearing your airways, check out Prospan® Bronchial Syrup.

It contains an extensively researched form of Ivy Leaf extract

All Clinicians formulations are backed by scientific research. (A formulation is a mixture of ingredients in specific quantities.)

Did you know?

  • Each ingredient we select undergoes a scientific evaluation carried out by an independent researcher.
  • Ingredients that pass this evaluation are then incorporated in amounts validated by research to achieve beneficial effects.

We're also working on a Research Library so we can share more of our knowledge about the ingredients in our products and the great things they can do. Keep an eye out for this later in 2022.

Yes, we do! At Clinicians, we have a New Product Development team and manufacturing facilities. This means we formulate and make all the products within our range. Find out more about our experts working behind the scenes.

We're all about the science.

Each product in our range goes through a thorough research and evaluation phase. This means our supplements contain ingredients at doses proven to have a therapeutic effect.

We don't skip the science because we want to create products that really work and improve lives.

Great question! It's important to find the right fit. There are a number of ways we can help you find the best Clinicians product for you.

  • Ask our Naturopaths: They're experts on our Clinicians' range and it's free to chat with them. Book an online appointment to talk to them at a time that suits you.
  • Take our quiz: Tell us a bit about yourself and we'll make some personalised product recommendations.

We know it's important to find products that meet your dietary requirements and preferences. You can find a full list of ingredients for any Clinicians' product on this site or on pack.

At present we do not have statements to say our products are free from allergens, but please contact our Clinicians Naturopaths to find out more information if you would like to take one of our products.

About Clinicians 

Clinicians was founded in 1997 by two pharmacists, Mike Cushman and Denis Kay – right here in New Zealand. We've been around 25 years and counting!

Our talented Clinicians team is based in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand.

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How to safely take supplements

You can have too much of a good thing! If you are not sure which Clinicians products can be taken together, ask one of our in-house Naturopaths

We recommend that our products are consumed by the date outlined on the packaging.


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