• Our story

  • In 1997, two Kiwi pharmacists, Mike Cushman and Denis Kay, set out to rethink how they could optimise the health of those taking medications.

    They knew that medicated solutions were an essential tool but were aware that they can often cause side effects to the body and lead to nutrient deficiencies. For example, antibiotic use causing digestive upset or cholesterol medication leading to fatigue.

  • Cushman and Kay pioneered integrative health, looking at how supplements could complement and support the effectiveness of medicines.

    This led to the creation of the Clinicians brand!

    And, although the packaging looks a little different now, our love of science remains the same.

Our science

We believe that science plays a big part in health and wellbeing. So, it's no surprise that's where we spend a lot of our time.

From studying the latest research on our ingredients to running our own stability and quality tests – our team is deep in the detail.

We don't rush, we do it right. And we're proud to be a little bit geeky. Because that means we have the best chance at formulating products that make a real difference.

  • Over 100 science-backed products.

  • All products formulated by our team of qualified experts.

  • Unique products formulated to meet your specific health needs.

  • Sourcing the best ingredients from around the world.

  • Our experts

  • We've assembled our own team of healthcare experts, covering the fields of nutrition, medicine, biochemistry and pharmaceutical science. Learn a bit about some of our favourite faces.

  • Anita Kása

    Independent Research Consultant

    B. Naturopathy, Dip. Herbal Medicine, Dip. of Nutrition

    Anita is interested in the integration of naturopathy (traditional & complementary medicine) and science. Her studies gave her the opportunity to explore Eastern and Western naturopathic principles and how she can help others by combining these traditional philosophies with research-based evidence.

    As a researcher for Clinicians, she validates all the ingredients we have selected for a new formulation by ensuring they have scientific research backing the desired benefit.

  • Amy Wallace

    Independent Research Consultant

    B. Health Science (Complementary Medicine), Dip. Herbal Medicine, Dip. Naturopathy

    Amy has had a long fascination with herbal medicine. She is interested in how different factors in people's lives can influence their health outcomes and how as a naturopath/herbalist you can support a person to overcome a health challenge.

    For Clinicians, as one of our researchers, Amy assesses that the ingredients we have selected have good research backing their benefits. She will also advise how much of an ingredient needs to be incorporated into a product, according to the research.

  • Fiona Wang

    Nutra Product Development Formulator

    Bachelor of Food Technology

    Fiona is passionate about developing products that help people to improve health conditions. She focuses on developing formulas from scratch and continuous improvement in sensory and manufacturing processes.

    With over 10 years’ experience in the Dietary Supplement industry, she is dedicated to exploring more functional ingredients used in various formats of supplements with improved sensory properties and presentation.

  • Jackie Herbert

    Product Innovations Manager

    B. Applied Science (Consumer Food Science), PGDip. Science (Nutritional Science)

    Product development is Jackie's passion. She loves being able to apply current research to a product to achieve the best outcome.

    Jackie and her team help translate consumer needs into efficacious and safe products that support health benefits. This involves scientific research on ingredients, formulating, trialling and ensuring the suitability of our products.

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  • Jane Cronin

    Naturopath (Dip. Naturopathy, Dip. Herbal Medicine)

  • Rochelle Bailey

    Naturopath (Dip. Naturopathy)