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Immune Support Spray

Clinicians Immune Support Spray (formally Pepticol) is a technologically advanced spray to help keep the family’s chills and allergens at bay. Help keep your immune system in balance and support optimal health all year round with Clinicians Immune Support Spray.

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Immune Support Spray Description

Clinicians Immune Support was developed as a state-of-the-art technology, isolating Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRP’s). These are a natural component of colostrum that act as immune signalling messengers, which help support the body’s immune system and keep it in balance.The PRP’s in Clinicians Immune Support, administered through a simple pleasant-tasting oral spray, is suitable to be used daily by both adults and children to support the immune system when it is needed.

Immune Support Spray Benefits

  • For Winter: Increased exposure to immune threats over winter can lead to immune system imbalance, decreasing PRP production and signalling. The immune system becomes over stretched and unable to respond effectively, leading to ills and chills. Clinicians Immune Support Spray offers immune support when this occurs.
  • For Spring: Constant exposure to immune threats, allergens and chemicals can disrupt immune system harmony making us more prone to an out of balance immune response. Pepticol™ offers immune support and supports the natural response to allergens when this occurs
  • Great to use during winter or spring, as soon as you start to feel unwell, can be taken daily for general health and wellbeing, or in times of stress
  • Great for infants and children to take before kindergarten or school to help protect against circulating bugs
  • Suitable for athletes or those travelling

Immune Support Spray Features

  • PRP’s in Clinicians Immune Support Spray are scientifically validated and there is a wealth of research to support their use
  • Clinicians Immune Support Spray is the only colostrum-based product that is sprayed directly into the mouth allowing for quick and easy delivery of PRP's and is especially good for use with small children
  • The PRP's in Clinicians Immune Support Spray are very small and easily absorbed, they are derived from bovine colostrum and are identical in structure to human PRP’s
  • Available in a handy travel size, so if you start feeling unwell you can spray immediately
  • Quick onset of action (30 minutes)
  • Pleasant vanilla taste aids compliance especially in children
  • Useful link for more info:

Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients in 4 sprays (2.5ml):

Ingredients Strength Unit

 Proline-Rich Peptides (PRP's) from bovine colostrum

8  mg

Also contains: bovine lacteal compounds, natural flavouring, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. Contains milk products.

No added: gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar or artificial colours.

Recommended Dosage:

Adults and children over 6 years: Immediate support 4 sprays 4 times daily. Maintenance 4 sprays twice daily.
Children under 6 years: Immediate Support  2 sprays 4 times daily. Maintenance 2 sprays twice daily

Spray Clinicians Immune Support directly into the mouth, for best results hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing if possible. Start taking Immune Support at the first sign of illness for prompt immune response. Use within 45 days of opening. Protect from light. Store below 25°C


Contraindications & Cautions

Precautions and Contraindications

  • Avoid use in organ transplant recipients to prevent possible risk of tissue rejection
  • Clinicians Immune Support Spray is derived from bovine colostrum and has a low lactose content, immunoglobulin's and dairy proteins have been removed making it suitable for individuals with mild dairy allergies or dairy intolerances
  • Very occasionally a rare reaction may occur to colostrums associated with detoxification and manifests as muscle soreness. This is generally short lived and can be overcome by drinking water to remove toxins

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding: Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding or considering becoming pregnant

More Information

The following products may be taken alongside Clinicians Immune Support Spray: Clinicians VirActive Seasonal , Hi-Dose Vit C , Herbal Chest Ease, MultiFlora , Prospan Bronchial Syrup and Xylitol Nasal Spray.

The immune system is a complex and highly coordinated system that provides daily protection against a number of potential threats to our well being. Many things can throw our immune system out of balance such as stress, a poor diet and exposure to environmental toxins along with the natural aging process. When our immune system becomes unbalanced, we can become more prone to immune attack and take longer to recover from illness. An out of balance immune system may increase our sensitivity to seasonal and other allergens and can also become overactive and turn against our own tissues.

At birth, babies receive the immune balancing benefits of colostrum from the first breast milk that contains a number of immune and growth factors to ensure health and vitality. Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRP’s) are a natural component of colostrum that act as immune signaling molecules to help direct and co-ordinate the immune response. Clinicians Immune Support Spray is a unique supplement derived from bovine colostrum that has undergone a patented extraction process to liberate the immune balancing PRP’s. The unique oral spray delivery system means the PRP’s in Clinicians Immune Support are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream via the mucous membranes of the mouth. Clinicians Immune Support Spray is an ideal way to attain and maintain optimal health by helping to balance the body’s immune response.

The colostrum used to make Clinician’s Immune Support is derived from cows who have consumed grass grown in pesticide and DDT-free soil. The cows are not given exogenous hormones or antibiotics. Clinician’s Immune Support is also sourced from non-immunized cows. This is important as chronic low dose exposure to pathogens and viruses that naturally occurs throughout a cow’s life provides higher antibody titres in colostrum when compared with cows that have been hyper immunized (or vaccinated).


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Dietary supplements are not a replacement for a balanced diet. Always read the label. Use as directed. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. If symptoms persist, see your health professional.

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