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Weight Loss Webinar

Are your hormones making you fat?
Are you eating well and trying hard, but still can't seem to lose weight? Could your hormones be to blame? Join Clinicians and PHD Cleanse for this fascinating webinar which will help you get motivated for summer! 

  • Date: Thurs, Dec 5, 2013
  • Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM 
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Seriously! All the seminars are during normal working hours. Please consider that many 45 -60 year old women do work full time through normal working hours. What about webinars in evenings or weekends?


It would be great if you could schedule some times in the evening or over the weekend. Working fulltime - so these times are not suitable :)


I’’d be interested in doing a webinar, but work daily, so evenings would suit better


Can your webinars be recorded and saved in a library on your website so that they can be readily available 24/7 for those who miss the original webinar?


Hi Selina, Thank you for your message. Yes they will be loaded into this library:
You will see some of our older webinars posted there already.
^Thanks - Clinicians
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